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Carbon Monoxide Checks | Indoor Air Quality

Carbon Monoxide – the "Silent Killer"

Carbon monoxide gas, also known as the "silent killer," is a tasteless and odorless gas that is poisonous to humans in larger quantities. Because of its clandestine nature, carbon monoxide requires sensors or equipment to detect.

Natural gas furnaces and other natural gas appliances can give off high levels of carbon monoxide if they are not functioning properly. The problem is, without special equipment or sensors, you would never know it!

Why Get Carbon Monoxide Tests?

Each time Evergreen performs a Precision Tune Up on a system, we test for carbon monoxide emissions. This assures that your furnace is free from high levels of carbon monoxide emission while we are on site.

To increase the safety of your home even further, we recommend you install at least one, if not several, carbon monoxide sensors around your home. If a CO problem develops, you'll be the first to know! These carbon monoxide sensors are relatively inexpensive and well worth it for the safety they provide. Ask your technician or comfort advisor about carbon monoxide testers, or give us a call, to find out more information.

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