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Disinfect the Air in Your Home with
Affordable Tech Used in Dental Offices

May 26, 2020

Up until very recently, comfort and efficiency were the two most important factors to evaluate when considering a new heating or air conditioning system for your home. With technology advancing at an ever increasing pace, HVAC systems now provide more comfort and efficiency than they ever have before. 

With the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, we're seeing a third factor become very important for HVAC systems: the health and quality of indoor air. This has become especially true in commercial buildings. Recently, our commercial division has seen a huge uptick in the number of building owners purchasing air quality upgrades for their buildings, both in new construction and retro fit applications. This is a big change. Typically, thin margins have caused commercial building owners to forgo high end air quality upgrades for more "standard" options. However, since the pandemic began, improving indoor air quality has become a necessity. Our commercial division is heavily involved in building assisted living facilities and dental offices, both of which require heavily sanitized, healthy air to operate safely. In these high-risk facilities, air quality upgrades have become the new standard. We have even seen a significant rise in other commercial building types, such as offices, adding these same solutions to protect the building's occupants.

Protect your family with the same affordable technology used to clean the air in dental offices and assisted living facilities.

The go-to formula for ultra-sanitized, healthy air in these facilities is a combination of two solutions: high-MERV filtration and electronic UV air purification. High-MERV filters remove particulates of extremely small size, catching many viruses, allergens, pollen, and other microbials as indoor air passes through the filters. Some viruses and compounds, however, are too small to be completely removed by filtration alone. This is where the second half of our air quality solution takes over: electronic UV air purifiers. We have two such products available: the Air Scrubber by Aerus, and the Remy Halo. Both of these products work similarly, sending out ionized molecules into the air, which bind with unwanted pathogens and cause them to clump together. These clumps then become large enough to be filtered by the high-MERV filter, and also fall out of the air and onto surfaces, where they can be removed by cleaning the surface. These UV devices, in essence, add an extra oxygen molecule to the air, which creates hydrogen peroxide. This hydrogen peroxide, while perfectly safe to breathe, cleans the air and surfaces, sterilizing viruses, VOCs, and other unwanted pathogens. When high end filtration and electronic UV purifiers are combined, you end up with clean, healthy, sanitized air and surfaces that meet the high standards required in high-risk buildings such as dental offices and assisted living facilities. 

This same technology is available for homeowners! As the stay at home order is phased out and we begin to venture out of our homes, we'll be running the risk of bringing unwanted viruses and other guests with us back into our homes, putting ourselves and our family members at risk. If you become exposed and need to quarantine, you'll be staying in your home with the rest of your family. The same solutions now keeping dental and assisted living patients safe can help keep you and your family safe! If you would like more information about these solutions, or to get a free quote, give us a call at 206-565-1455.

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