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Evergreen Home Heating and Energy: Ductless Installer of the Year!

June 06, 2014

Evergreen is the 2014 (And Final) Northwest Ductless Installer of the Year!

Washington State Ductless Installer Of The Year

Each year the NW Ductless Project recognizes one Washington State ductless heat pump Master Installer as its Installer of the Year.  We are proud to announce that Evergreen Home Heating and Energy is the 2014 Washington State Installer of the Year! 2014 was the last year that the NW Ductless Project offered the award.

The Installer of the Year award is given based on 5 different criteria:

Number of Installations. Evergreen installed 95 ductless heat pump systems in 2013, and we expect to increase that number significantly in 2014.

Customer Satisfaction. At Evergreen, 100% customer satisfaction is our highest priority. This sounds like a cliché because every company talks about it. However, few are able to even approach this standard because in practice it is extremely difficult to pull off. There is no magic bullet for customer satisfaction. The people on your team need to be honest and willing to go the extra mile to make sure you, the customer truly gets what you need.

As a company, customer satisfaction is written into our very DNA. Our team is comprised of individuals who all have made our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee a part of everything we do here, including our Comfort Advisors, installers, service technicians, managers, and office staff. Our commitment to 100% satisfaction is evident when looking at our ratings on online review sites Yelp and Angies List. We have a high rating on both Yelp and Angies List. See our Yelp ratings here.

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Commitment to Quality. Because of our commitment to 100% Customer Satisfaction, the highest standards of installation quality are paramount to our success. As stated above, creating satisfied customers becomes a lot easier when things are done right the first time! We have several ways in which we ensure the highest levels of quality in our installations.

  1. Using the latest technology to properly size equipment and provide the consumer with valuable, free information. We use the most current computer software to do room by room load calculations on every ductless heat pump proposal we perform. You receive a report detailing this information for free, regardless if you hire us for your project or not! This valuable information details all of the factors that go into properly sizing a system, and helps you make informed decisions on who to hire and what type and size of ductless heat pump to have installed. It also arms you with questions to ask any contractor that provides you with a proposal, helping to create a more informed consumer base, and facilitating more quality installations industry-wide. We quite often hear from customers that we were the only company to do a full load calculation for their ductless proposal. If we were to simply eyeball the sizing on every proposal, we could save some time, and we could even get the sizing right some of the time. Our goal is to get it right every time! 
  2. Employee Training. We continually request current information and training from our manufacturers and distributors regarding installation and service best practices and any new ductless heat pump products that come to the market. We often have our distributors come into the office to provide paid training to our employees to make sure they have all of the knowledge they need to perform the perfect install and service call.
  3. Communicating effectively with customers regarding the strengths of ductless heat pump technology. As the retail seller of ductless heat pump systems, it is our job to properly inform consumers about the systems, and not to oversell the system’s capabilities. A customer with an excellent understanding of what to expect from their ductless system is much more likely to be happy with it after the installation. Our staff, including administrative staff, comfort advisors, and installation crews, is extremely knowledgeable and able to effectively communicate with customers. This helps not only our own reputation, but the reputation of ductless technology.

Success Stories.
  We have made ductless heat pumps the primary focus of many of our marketing efforts. In fact,  in 2013 we ran 2 television campaigns. Both of these campaigns dealt exclusively with ductless systems. For each  campaign we ran 30 second spots on cable targeting areas with a high percentage of homes with electric resistance  heating. These commercials focused on many of the benefits of ductless heat pumps, including energy efficiency, the  fact that they provide both heating and air conditioning, and that they can pay for themselves in energy savings. As a  showcase of the talent of our staff, two of our employees actually wrote and produced the music for our two  commercials!

Facebook was another advertising medium we used to spread the word about ductless in 2013. We  promoted blogs which discussed the energy savings and financial incentives of ductless. We were  able to reach almost 200,000 people with these ads, with over 640,000 impressions.

Uniqueness.  At Evergreen we set ourselves apart, not with any one major competitive advantage, but by doing all of the little things  better than our competition. Our attention to detail, our ability to communicate effectively with our customers and w ithin our team, our willingness to go the extra mile and to do things right, all play a part in differentiating our company.  Taking a look at our reviews on Yelp and Angies List gives a great picture of how we interact with our customers. Here  are a few ways we are a little bit different than our competition:

A transparent process for our customers. When you contact us to receive an estimate for a ductless heat pump installation in your home, you deal with nothing but the best from start to finish. The person setting the appointment is knowledgeable about the system and is able to give useful, accurate information before we ever set foot in your home. After you book an appointment with us, you receive an email with a link to a video that gives you an overview of what will happen during their appointment. Here is a link to the video:


It is clear from the very beginning that we don’t “upsell” products or systems that you don’t need. Our goal is to get you the exact system that fits your needs in the best way, including an optimal upfront cost, energy efficiency, comfort, and reliability. Once you decide to hire us, our professional installers work with you at every step of the way. If there is an aesthetic choice to be made about the installation, our installers will talk with you to get your input. After the installation, our lead installer will stay behind to demonstrate the system to you, answer any questions, and make sure you are able to operate the ductless system properly.

The industry’s best proposal. Because we have embraced the most current software and technology available, the information you receive with your proposal is second to none. This helps us educate the public about the options available to them, and specifically, helps spread the word about ductless systems being at the forefront of technology in the HVAC industry. 

Our innovative employee recycling program. Evergreen Home Heating and Energy is not just an HVAC contractor. We consider ourselves to be an energy company, bringing energy efficiency to the homes in our area. As such, we believe it is our responsibility to be a leader in the “green” revolution. Our Employee Recycling Program, new in 2013, was one way in which we decided to make a difference.

Heading into the 2013 NFL season, there was a tremendous amount of hype revolving around the Seattle Seahawks. We were able to use this to our advantage! In the spring, before the NFL season started, Evergreen’s owners decided that if we were able to generate enough revenue from recycling (metal, paper, cardboard, etc) in 2013, all of Evergreen’s employees would receive a paid vacation day on “Super Bowl Monday,” the day after the Super Bowl in 2014. Our goal was to raise $13,000, which would cover the company’s payroll for that day. Our employees were able to raise over $21,000! As it worked out, the Seahawks made it to the Super Bowl and won it, bringing the perfect conclusion to our 2013 Employee Recycling Program.

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