"I would like to express my appreciation and satisfaction on the work you have done on my properties in Kirkland, WA. For many years I have been in the Real Estate Investment business. It is very seldom that I have had the opportunity to have dealt with a company as dedicated and prompt as yours.

The workmanship and cleanup after installation was excellent.

I would like to thank you."


Fred K.

"I retired as a CNC Mechanic who repaired machine tools and also inkjet printers. Jason impressed me with his professionalism and knowledge. He was not afraid to have me watch him work. He also was not hesitant to answer any of my questions. He, and his helper, left me with a very favorable impression of Evergreen.

The workmanship and cleanup after installation was excellent."

Martin R.

"I want you to know how incredibly impressed I am with the team that I've been working with and how delighted I am with my recent purchase and install.

John Mott was truly the best customer representative I’ve worked with in ages. He made two advance visits, was extraordinarily prompt with all email replies and phone queries, and he absolutely followed through on every commitment to the letter. He had documents, stories, and detailed analysis to back up his every recommendation and I was thoroughly impressed.

Chris, the team lead for my install, was deeply knowledgeable, exceptionally confidence-inspiring, and his degree of customer service and professionalism sent my confidence through the roof. Also on Chris’s team, Anthony did a masterful job running electrical power to the system working to keep things out of sight and Larry was a highly-involved team player that was knowledgeable, courteous and friendly. Watching the camaraderie of these three guys on the install team was a treat – they were so great and fun to be around.

I would go on and on, but I’ll end with these words that help capture my overall experience with Evergreen:

  • professionalism
  • politeness
  • precision
  • thorough demonstration and question answering
  • incredible installation – looks beautiful!
  • thoroughly prepared for the work
  • squeaky clean afterward
  • respectful of my home
  • genuinely fun to work with and be around

Please pass along my gratitude for a job well done to each of these guys, and know that I’m telling everyone that will listen that my experience with Evergreen was extraordinary and they should look no further than your company. Thank you, thank you, thank you!"


"Today I called at 8:15 AM for a Trane furnace that wasn’t heating; only the blower was going. The house we just purchased (not moving in until Wednesday) was only 51 degrees at 7 am, so it was cold. And, we had a carpet cleaning appointment today and you know we needed heat to help dry the carpets.

Aaron Peek arrived before 9:00 AM, barely a half hour after our call for help, and promptly diagnosed the failure to be the thermostat. Aaron gave me a few tips about our heating system and was on his way to the next call. I will replace the thermostat today.

I don’t usually take time to write these things, but I am very impressed with the prompt response by Evergreen Home Heating & Energy, and won’t hesitate to call in the future.

Thanks for the quick response. We really appreciate it."

Al & Kati

"I want to commend the employees of Evergreen Home Heating & Energy for the professional quality of their work. I had requested two extra jobs that I am happy about as well. Sam, Matt, Jeff and Josh have been just terrific. It was a pleasure to have them be in my home today. They were patient when I asked them questions about steps in the installation which I appreciated. I tried not to be too intrusive to their work, but it is fascinating to watch working people who have important skills.

I hope so much that many residents of Seattle will be deciding to take advantage of the Federal Rebate on these Heat Pumps as well as the tax credit that the stimulus package is providing us. And, that IF they do, that they will contact Evergreen to have the work done. I am certain that they will be pleased.

I am looking forward to using this Heat Pump. I think that it is a good idea, and having watched the guys install it today, I know that it is going to work well for me and for the new owners when it is time for me to move to a retirement community"


"I want to express my appreciation for the way the install was handled. Chris and Anthony were very professional. I ask a lot of questions and they both went out of their way to take the time to answer them.

I thought it was going to take 2 days but Chris asked if they could stay late and finish the job to which I agreed. Around 8 Chris told me that he was just about finished but that when he finished the install, the work areas were cleaned up, he wanted to run through the complete operations with us-which he did! Concerned that he might be hungry (I didn't notice that he took a break and I was there all day), he told me that he just wanted us to be completely satisfied and that he was going to stay to achieve that result.

I'm not easily impressed with work that contractors do but I am sure impressed with the work that Evergreen performed through its fine staff (especially Chris). John told me that Evergreen had the 100% customer satisfaction and that result was achieved. Thank you for the excellent service."


"Your install team did an exceptionally good job all the way around - professional in every respect. Looking forward to winter to see how it works (can't believe I said that!)."


"I just wanted to thank you for doing our HVAC installation so well. It passed the Electrical and Mechanical inspection with flying colors.

Thank you once again!"


"Evergreen Home Heating ran some electrical wiring for me for a new heat/fan/light in my home master bath. Jeff the electrician from Evergreen was prompt, courteous, and great to work with. He really knows his profession.

I'd call Evergreen again and will recommend him to others! Thanks guys for a job well done."

– Richard

"We're thrilled with the new furnace. It keeps the house nice and cozy and is so quiet! the guys who installed it did a great job.

Many thanks and happy new year!"


"We want you to know how great of a job your crew did yesterday. They were very careful working at our home and pleasant to work with. THANK YOU for making it possible and having such a top notch crew. We love having AC."


"The heatpump and furnace installation was completed yesterday. I was very impressed with your team. They were very professional, polite, and very meticulous. It turned out to be a good looking installation."


"The AC is outstanding. You all did a GREAT job and we appreciate that. We will definitely refer you.

Thanks again and please thank your crew."


"Last year we moved in to a new house, which happened to have no electrical heat (old and broken). So we contacted Evergreen for a brand new heating and cooling system. Wow are these guys pros! They came out and discussed the options, got an immediate price range, and were back really soon to do the job. Just coming in over our stained concrete floor to do the quote they put on booties! It was a huge, two-day job, and I was expecting to come home on the first day to a disaster. Nope, someone was sweeping an already clean floor, even though they were coming back the next day to make another mess. At the end, we had a great new system, a professional job (no problems with it!), and an extremely clean basement. Thanks Evergreen!"


"Woke up one morning to a very cold house. Called Evergreen and they sent a technician out by 12. Jason was not only very helpful and good at his work, but he was very pleasant to work with. When I spoke to Rob about a question I had, he was very friendly and professional. Not only was my new pump in within a few hours, but Jason did an excellent job cleaning up after himself. These guys made a frustrating situation into an easy fix, as well as, making me not feel overwhelmed by it all. Will definitely use them again."

"I called Evergreen for a second opinion on my furnace. Another company had shut my furnace down claiming there were cracks in the heat exchanger. The service technician (Rob) took a lot of time in an attempt to find the cracks. He had a handheld video camera that could examine the inside of the exchangers and show me via LCD display. He could not find the cracks the other guy stated were there. He then did a carbon monoxide test and found none. Rob put my furnace back together and gave me his honest opinion that the furnace was safe."


"He charged me a reasonable price for great service. It took him about thirty minutes to put the furnace back together after the other company had totally disabled my furnace by cutting wires and attempting to ruin my furnace.

I would recommend Evergreen to everybody when a second opinion is necessary or when needing any type of service at all"

Overall Rating: A

"The representative came to the house at the appointed time and quickly and clearly explained a couple different options and gave bids a few days later. I had not dreamed that putting in a furnace and ducting into this old house would be worth the cost, but when I saw Evergreen's quote for this option, I thought it was very reasonable and I went for it. The work had to wait a few weeks as it was the height of the fall season for heat installation, but they were able to start a couple days earlier than originally planned. My renters have been very happy with the system -- no complaints."

Overall Rating: A

"Excellent service and professionalism. My old furnace died, they offered quality equipment at a competitive price, and found some problems with my existing cool air vents that no other bidding company found. They did not charge for finding this problem or in offering simple solutions that I could take care of. Because I was without heat they prioritized my install. They ran into some unforeseen problems but solved them without delay and at their expense."

Overall Rating: A

"I had a great experience with Evergreen and their tech, Aaron Peek. He was prompt, professional, and diagnosed the problem right away for my old clunker furnace. He advised me (but no hard sell), about other maintenance/repair issues I could expect. All in all, just great service. I was pleased."

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