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Rewarding our installation team for a job well-done.

Evergreen Home Heating and Energy offers the “Perfect Jobsite Award” to our install teams as a part of our efforts to continually improve upon our installation practices and processes. Achieving the award provides our install team with internal recognition as well as a monetary bonus for a job well done. Here is an overview of the key requirements for an installation to qualify for the award:

  • 100% Satisfied Customer
      -Install Team Was Pleasant and Cooperative
      -Install Team Was Informative
      -Install Team Had a Positive Attitude
      -Install Team Was Respectful of Customer and Their Property

  • Installation Free of Defects
  • Installation Exceeds Craftsmanship Standards
  • Installation Done Right the First Time with No Return Trips Needed

Let Us Know How We Did!

Using the form on this page, please let us know if you would like to recommend your install team for Evergreen's Perfect Jobsite Award.

Let us know how we did!

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