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Evergreen Home Comfort Club

Club Benefits:

Maintenance is a very important part of keeping one of your home's most expensive investments from turning into an unnecessary cost. Similar to a car, taking good care of your home's total comfort system makes good, economic sense and can save you a lot of money and heartache over the life of your equipment.

When you invest in an Evergreen Home Comfort Club Membership,
you receive the following:

  • Priority Service and Scheduling
    Home Comfort Club Members are treated like members of our family!
  • 5 Year Service Repair Guarantee 
    Covers any repair we perform as long as you maintain an active membership.
  • Maintains and Validates Manufacturer Warranties
    Without regular maintenance, manufacturers’ warranties are voided. We’ll make sure you’re covered!
  • Save Energy and Money
    By keeping your equipment clean, properly maintained and running efficiently, you save energy and money.
  • Increased Safety
    A malfunctioning comfort system can be dangerous. We’ll verify your system is operating safely.
  • Extend the Life of Your Equipment
    Regular maintenance helps maximize the life and health of your equipment.

Membership Discounts

  • 15% off Normal Service Repair Rates
  • Discounted regular diagnostic service: normally $199, $99 for Evergreen Home Comfort Club members
  • Discounted after hours diagnostic service: normally $299, $199 for Evergreen Home Comfort Club Members
  • Precision Tune Up service included (see below)
  • Free 1" filter change during each Precision Tune Up. For systems with 4" filters, an additional filter charge applies

Membership Options

Pricing for the Evergreen Home Comfort Club depends on the type of heating and cooling equipment in your home. All memberships include all of the above benefits, plus the following:

Single Zone System

1 Year New Comfort Club Membership, Includes 2 Preseason Tune Ups: $358 Plus Tax
1 Year Renewal, Includes 1 Preseason Tune Up: $179 Plus Tax

Multi Zone System 

1 Year New Comfort Club Membership, Includes 2 Preseason Tune Ups: $457 Plus Tax 
1 Year Renewal, Includes 1 Preseason Tune Up: $228 Plus Tax

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