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What are the Benefits of Heat Pumps?

June 01, 2012
Heat pumps, especially in Western Washington's mild climate, provide many benefits:

• Highly Efficient. Heat pumps are one of the most efficient forms of heating available. When compared to electric resistance heat, heat pumps can provide over 3 times the amount of heat per $1 worth of energy, meaning they can help save great deal on energy bills.

• Provide both heating and cooling. Heat pumps work the same as air conditioners, with one major difference. Heat pumps are able to reverse the process of transferring heat, meaning they are able to both heat AND cool a space.

• Increased Indoor Air Quality. Many heat pumps and air handlers are designed to run at lower capacity for longer, meaning air is circulated throughout the house more often. When combined with indoor air quality and filtration products, heat pumps can dramatically increase the cleanliness and quality of air in your home.

• Increased Comfort. When the air in your home is continually circulated at low speeds, temperatures throughout the home are more even and air remains fresh, providing greater comfort.

• Safety. Heat pumps do not use any describe the imagecombustion in the heating and cooling process, meaning they produce no carbon monoxide or other dangerous gases.

• Lower Carbon Footprint. Because heat pumps are highly efficient and produce no harmful gas emissions, their carbon footprint is drastically reduced when compared to many other types of heating systems.

• Affordable. When the energy savings of heat pumps are taken into consideration, heat pumps can have a significant payback over their lifetimes. Of course, this varies depending on the type of comfort system your home currently has. Financing is also available, making heat pumps a highly affordable investment.

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